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 Texas Gallery of Gifts is now an Affiliate of Emergency Essentials and Goal Zero!!
Every time you click onto an affiliate deal through my website and make a purchase of $100 or more, a percentage of my profit will go to the Red Cross for disaster relief
As a Prepper I know the importance of being prepared in the event of a disaster.
If Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, the Arizona Wildfire & the Mid-West Tornadoes have taught us anything; it's that we are not invincible to the power of nature.  We may try to conquer it but we will ultimately lose that fight.  The best we can do is be prepared for such an event. That is why I am excited about being an Emergency Essentials and Goal Zero affiliate.  I personally get my emergency items from them and I would recommend them to anyone who would like to be better prepared. If the lights go out, the fridge doesn't work, can't turn on your stove, grocery stores have been raided, no water is coming from the faucet, will you be ready?
38595  $29.95  The perfect plaque to showcase the Lone Star States proud symbolWe have an abundance of products that will suit your every whim. From home decor to garden décor, we have an assortment of gifts, from novelty to furniture. Please keep in mind that we are constantly updating our on-line store, so come back and check us out every week
My goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who shopped in my on-line store. I want you to have a great shopping experience and leave happy and satisfied. We have a great variety of products from home décor, novelty gifts, mood lighting, garden décor, and home spa products.
A Trio of Lanterns to set the stage either outdoors or indoors.

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